How to Choose Game IDNLIVE at IDNSPORTS


How to Choose the INDLIVE Game at IDNSPORTS
2018 World Cup – How to Choose the INDLIVE Game at IDNSPORTS, Before we explain how to choose a game on IDNLIVE, first you have to read the terms and regulations on the Jokerbola website, so that when you play there are no obstacles.

Before choosing a game, you are required to have a game ID, if you don’t have a Game ID, please register first at jokerbola.

If you have registered, please log in with the game ID that you have obtained when you registered, after logging in, select the IDNLIVE category, the example image below which is marked with red:


After that you just choose the game you want to play, there are 13 games that you can play, the following is a list of games that are in IDNLIVE:

1. 24D / Dingdong 24D
The 24D game is a game where the ball will be played in iron rounds, this game is quite simple and easy to understand, because you are only asked to guess the numbers that come out after the round of iron stops. If you correctly guess the number that comes out, you will get a victory.

This game is almost similar to Roulette, which distinguishes it from Roullete having 36 numbers while 24D has 24 numbers (as the name suggests).

2. 12D / Rolling Ball
The 12D game is a ball game that will be rolled on a flat table (because it’s called a rolling ball), and here there is a choice of jackpots, this is the advantage of 12D.

3. Roulette / Roulette
The Roullete game is a very popular casino and gambling game, in this game a dealer will turn the wheel in a direction then throw a ball in the opposite direction on a round surface tilted and wait for the ball to stop. In the Roulette game there are 36 numbers and are added with number 0.

4. Sicbo / 3 Dice
Sicbo game is a dice game that is played with three dice, each of which has a value of 1 to 6.

5. Oglok / Guess Images
Oglok Game is a Dice game that uses images on each side, namely, like images of Shrimp, Chicken, Jug, Coins, Crab and Fish, this game is very similar to Sicbo / Dice. But this Oglok game The value of each picture is the same, unlike ordinary Dice which has the highest value is 6.

6. Dice 6/1 Dice
The game Dice 6 is a Dice game where the dice will be rotated, each side has a value of 1 to 6 numbers, this game is the same as Sicbo / Dice, which distinguishes Dice 6 from Sicbo, Dice 6 is played using one 1, while Sicbo is played with 3 dice, this game is the simplest among other games.

7. Head Tail
Game Head Tail is a guessing game of coins of the Head or Tail. The head is described as Red with the Dragon logo and the Tail depicted as Blue with the Macan logo. There are 3 coins in this game. How to play only needs to guess what coins will come out on the three coins.

8. Red White / Red and White
Red White game is a game that is played using 3 plastic balls, then the ball will be thrown into a box, then below are red and white boxes. The way to play is very simple, if you choose red, the result is white red and red, then your partner will win, if on the contrary the white and red comes out then your partner loses.

9. 24D Spin / 24 Number Play
Game 24 Spin is a game that uses 24 balls which are then rotated in a round of iron, then one of the balls will enter the box, that’s the result of the expenditure.

10. Poker Dice / Poker Dice
The Poker Dice game is a poker dice game that uses five dice, each dice has values ​​namely, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 used to form a poker hand.

11. Billiards / Billiards
Billiards game is a poke ball game that is played using a billiard stick, but for betting this online gambling, the way to play is very different. The game will be considered valid if the total of all balls are 1 – 15 balls and one of them is a white ball that touches the rear tire (table where the breaker stands), If there is not even one ball that touches the rear tire it will be considered invalid or no the game. The breaker will break again in that period until there is a result.

12. Gong Ball
Gong Ball game is the same game as samgong or (3 picture) where the results of this game depend on the number of 3 cards obtained, each card has the following values: US cards up to 10 each are worth 1 s / d 10 Whereas Cards J, Q and K are 10. The highest value of this game is 3 Picture.

13. Suwit
Suwit games are common games that are often played by pitting our choices with opponents between rock and paper scissors or thumbs, indexes and pinkies. The media used by us in this game are 2 dice (red and black) where there are 6 sides with each “2 sides” for the type of image that is available. Black dice will be used for suwit containing images of Scissors, Stone and Paper while dice with red will be used for suwit which contains images of Thumbs, indexes and pinkies.