Ways to Play Suwit Online


Suwit video game is a video game that‘s frequently played by matching our options with challengers. Typically this video game utilizes a technique in between scissors, rock and paper or pinkie, thumb and index finger.

To play casino online the video game Suwit utilizes 2 dice that have red and black and where there‘re 6 sides filled up by each – 2 sides for the kind of picture that‘s there. Black dice including photos of scissors, rocks and paper while red dice include pictures of pinkies, thumbs and index finger.

The kinds of wagers that have been offered are :

VS Black Dice (Scissors, Rock and Paper) : Wagers to select the Scissors, Rock or Paper that victories in the battle by simply combating the outcomes from the black dice out.

VS Red Dice (Thumbs, indexes and pinkies) : Wagers to select the Pinkie, Thumb, or Index that victories in the battle simply by combating the red dice out.

Integrate 2 Dice Mix : Wagers to select 1 from a mix from 2 kinds of suits that should win are both combated versus the result from each kind of breast. If the option is among the shedding dice or a collection after that your wager will be considered to be shed.

Rows and Columns : Wagers significant with ” first, second and third Line ” where you make wagering to select a mix bundle including 3 kinds of mixes 2 Dice. One choice from the mix bundle should be won, both combating versus the result from each from the dice kinds.

Edge Wager : Wagers in the edge where 4 kinds of 2 dice mix wagers satisfy.

Info on winning wagers :


Instance 1 :
Outcome from Dadu Merah : Pinkie
Setup ” VS RED DICE ” : Pointing
After that your reserving will win.

Instance 2 :
Black Dice outcome : Paper
Setup ” VS BLACK DICE ” : Paper
After that your account will shed.

Instance 3 :
Black Dice outcome : Paper
Outcome from Red Dice : Thumb
Setups ” VS BLACK DICE ” : Scissors
Setup ” VS RED DICE ” : Pinkie
Setup ” Connect in 2 dice mixes ” : Scissors + Pinkie
After that your reserving will win.

Repayment from Suwit’s Success :

VS Black Dice, VS Red Dice : 1. 95x Pair
Connect 2 Dice Mix : 7. 5x Pair
Lines and Columns : 1. 75x Pairs
Divide Wager : 3. 25x Pair
Edge Wager : 1. 1x Couples

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